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Endodontics in Richmond, London


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If the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected through decay or mouth injury, you will need endodontics (root canal treatment). If the infection spreads, it can cause a painful abscess and without root canal treatment - your tooth may have to be taken out.

During root canal treatments which usually require at least two visits - we remove the infection, then clean and fill the root to prevent any recurrence. Well put in a temporary filling that allows your tooth to settle then, at a later visit when weve checked that all traces of infection have gone, we fill it permanently.

Performed under local anaesthetic using the latest techniques, root canal treatment should feel no different from having an ordinary filling.


ACTEON Endodontist Treatment

SATELEC P5 Newtron

At Gardens Dental Centre, we use the latest and best on the market ultrasonic equipment for our work. With specifically designed ultrasonic tips to remove broken instruments and files from deep within teeth, the P5 Newtron XS unit is the most modern in ultrasonic technology.

The unit has a separate reservoir and graduated adjustment controls allowing clinicians to gently work within teeth; this unit protects the structures that support the teeth and allow for tissue cooling whilst working.

Its new ergonomic design and soothing lights give a visual guide to what settings are being used and its completely watertight system ensures that cross infection risks are kept to a minimum.

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