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Orthodontics in Richmond, London


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Orthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry that focuses on aligning and straightening teeth and correcting your bite. Having a correctly aligned bite and straight teeth discourages the build up of plaque and leaves fewer gaps for food to get trapped in, which all helps towards resisting both tooth decay and bad breath.

Thanks to advanced modern techniques, orthodontics treatment today is considerably shorter, more comfortable and more effective than in the past. It can still take up to a year, though, and will require regular check-ups, adjustments and good oral hygiene .

By giving you straighter teeth we are, quite simply, giving you healthier teeth.

Invisible orthodontics

We offer advanced teeth-straightening solutions that will spare you having to wear unsightly metal braces. That alone should put a smile on many faces!

With 'invisible' orthodontics you can wear either clear appliances or ones that fit on the inside of your teeth, often for a much shorter treatment time. The big benefits of our Invisalign and Incognito treatment options include:

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces

Dr Jag Jeer is a certified Six Month Smiles provider. Call now for your free consultation!

Dental Braces Before and After
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